Good Evening Apocalypse at PACT centre for emerging artists

Good Evening Apocalypse has officially ended after a killer season at PACT centre for emerging artists. The dance/ video work was influenced by everything from trashy apocalypse porn to research into doomsday cults and definitely put audiences on end. Thanks so everyone who came and everyone who helped us make the show what it is.

We’re going on a break now, but we hope to bring the Apocalypse to a bunker near you soon…

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Bringing the Light Fantastic to small children

Hello there! Yes, after a year of silence The Movement is back on the blog!

We’ve been having a great time performing at Light Garden, the 125th anniversary celebration of Centennial Park in Sydney. It’s been fantastic to reinvigorate We Are All Stars for its third incarnation, and like all site-specific improvised performances it’s so different every time!

The hallmark of this time round has been the kids. We have had our biceps squeezed, oversized tennis balls forcibly pressed into our hands, babies screaming and most prominent a widespread preoccupation with our sex and whether we were even human at all. Even the adults seem genuinely delighted and it’s been a real joy to perform each night.

It’s also been excellent to welcome a (mostly) new set of performers to the piece. Anya McKee has rejoined us from the previous performance at Beams Festival, and the two of us have been joined by newbies Angela Goh and Rosslyn Wythes, who have no doubt really enjoyed the opportunity to get covered in sweat while stumbling around a dark park at night wearing black pantyhose over their heads. Welcome to The Movement guys!

I’ll post some video of the performances soon, but in the meantime here are some snaps. Enjoy!


We Are All Stars #3 at Light Garden

We Are All Stars #3 at Light Garden

We Are All Stars #3 at Light Garden

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The Remix Project smashes Newcastle!

The Movement has been absolutely slamming it in Newcastle! Our work The Remix Project was performed at the Loft as part of Crack Theatre Festival, itself part of This Is Not Art. What an amazing festival and what an absolutely incredible audience!

The Remix Project is a work about our modern remix culture, and the jubilant flaunting of copyright restrictions. After providing an introduction to the principles of remixing and how it’s being done, The Remix Project hands the reins over to the audience. The audience have the power to choreograph the dance they want to see, using the three live dancers in the space.

The two performances were fantastic – the audiences really got into it! One of the most common requests was for krumping, but the Single Ladies dance also got a few goes. There were some particularly entertaining requests that were far more obscure, for example ‘catfight underwater’ which proved much more challenging to do! But we had a great time performing it, and the audience had a great time testing our limits.

Emiline also appeared in an Art & Technology panel, speaking about her use of video and projection alongside live dance. This was a really interesting exchange of ideas, with a lot of different opinions emerging about the importance of technology in art and whether it should be accorded such a spot in the sunlight.

Thanks for a fantastic time TINA, see you next year!

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Utopia… the story so far

Throughout August, The Movement was in residence at PACT centre for emerging artists developing a new work, Utopia. Utopia looks at our relationship with technology, and how technology is in turn impacting upon our other relationships.

The development was a hugely fun four weeks of playing with an enormous number of different ideas. We danced on piles of soil, killed and buried furbies, drank tea sinisterly and got swallowed up by power cords.

Many thanks to PACT, especially Julie Vulcan and Cat Jones, fantastic mentor Josh Tyler and dancers Alison Plevey and Leeke Griffin for their amazing collaborative ideas and challenges.

It was a joy to be working in the space alongside other talented performance makers, Bodysnatchers and Friends with Deficits. Going to miss those Friday idea hurling sessions.

Watch this space for photos and videos from the showing, coming soon!

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In September Dust was remounted at the fantastic PACT centre for emerging artists as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. It was great to finally show the work in Sydney in a nice long 8-night season! Thanks so much to everyone who came, the audience support for the show was brilliant.

‘Dust was the final, and most moving of the three works on display last night. Created and directed by dancer Emiline Forster, the piece uses interpretive dance, music and video projection to explore the story of Glenn Beutel, the last man remaining in the Queensland town of Acland which has depopulated due to its proximity to an open cut coal mine. Forster’s physical prowess is on full display in this gripping work which explores the effect of coal mining on landscapes, communities as well as the psychological states of those whose lives are affected. The imagery is at times confronting, but this is a beautiful piece with deeper resonances about the way the resources boom is shaping life in Australia.’ – Weekend Notes

‘Emiline Forster’s solo dance piece on the psychological effects of people who live in close proximity to open cut coal mines. An odd combo, but trust me, I’ve seen Dust and it works! The show is brilliantly choreographed and Emiline is a gifted performer who executes each moment with strength, precision and beauty.’ – Shy Magsalin, Customer Underground

After the success of this season we’re feeling really good about being in Sydney… keep reading for details of our upcoming performances!

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We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaack…..

Hello out there! We’re finally back on the blogwaves, and isn’t there a lot to catch up on! The Movement is currently developing a new work, tentatively titled Utopia, which focuses on the insatiable human need for progression. I’m in the studio with talented dance artists Alison Plevey, Leeke Griffin and Sean Marcs and we’re having an absolute ball. Keep your eye out for more news regarding this one – we’ll be moving into PACT Centre for Emerging Artists in August to continue our work.

Good news for Sydneysiders, Dust is finally coming your way! After incredibly successful seasons in Melbourne and Adelaide, Dust has been accepted into the Sydney Fringe Festival and premieres on September 9th at PACT.

The Movement will also be performing a new work, The Remix Project, at Newcastle’s Crack Theatre Festival. There is a huge online component for this work that you can get involved in, so watch this space for more news on that.

See you at one of our shows soon!

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film reel!

My new film reel is finally made at last, it will soon be up on the home page so check it out!

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DUST wins at Fringe!

DUST has won the Melbourne Fringe Festival Category Award for Best Dance! Thank you to everyone who supported the show, whether by lending their time and effort, or just coming and watching! It was a joy to perform for you all.

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Opening night creeping up

DUST opens in ONE WEEK at Dancehouse, North Carlton, Melbourne. Scary stuff. 29 Sept – 1 Oct, 7.30 pm Full $17 Conc $13, tix

In other news, massive thanks to Sol Ulbrich, Leeke Griffin and of course my wonderful parents for their help and feedback at my showing yesterday. It was tense performance times for me, but I’m out the other side just fine and feeling refreshed and a lot more excited about the work! Feeling good and ready for next week.

Hope to see everyone there!

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DUST opens at Dancehouse in 2 weeks!

That’s right, only two weeks until Dust will be performed in front of… well, people. As truly terrifying as this is, it is also very exciting and I am looking forward to handing the work over to an audience. Hope to see everyone there! Tickets or (03) 9660 9666.

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