In September Dust was remounted at the fantastic PACT centre for emerging artists as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. It was great to finally show the work in Sydney in a nice long 8-night season! Thanks so much to everyone who came, the audience support for the show was brilliant.

‘Dust was the final, and most moving of the three works on display last night. Created and directed by dancer Emiline Forster, the piece uses interpretive dance, music and video projection to explore the story of Glenn Beutel, the last man remaining in the Queensland town of Acland which has depopulated due to its proximity to an open cut coal mine. Forster’s physical prowess is on full display in this gripping work which explores the effect of coal mining on landscapes, communities as well as the psychological states of those whose lives are affected. The imagery is at times confronting, but this is a beautiful piece with deeper resonances about the way the resources boom is shaping life in Australia.’ – Weekend Notes

‘Emiline Forster’s solo dance piece on the psychological effects of people who live in close proximity to open cut coal mines. An odd combo, but trust me, I’ve seen Dust and it works! The show is brilliantly choreographed and Emiline is a gifted performer who executes each moment with strength, precision and beauty.’ – Shy Magsalin, Customer Underground

After the success of this season we’re feeling really good about being in Sydney… keep reading for details of our upcoming performances!

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