Utopia… the story so far

Throughout August, The Movement was in residence at PACT centre for emerging artists developing a new work, Utopia. Utopia looks at our relationship with technology, and how technology is in turn impacting upon our other relationships.

The development was a hugely fun four weeks of playing with an enormous number of different ideas. We danced on piles of soil, killed and buried furbies, drank tea sinisterly and got swallowed up by power cords.

Many thanks to PACT, especially Julie Vulcan and Cat Jones, fantastic mentor Josh Tyler and dancers Alison Plevey and Leeke Griffin for their amazing collaborative ideas and challenges.

It was a joy to be working in the space alongside other talented performance makers, Bodysnatchers and Friends with Deficits. Going to miss those Friday idea hurling sessions.

Watch this space for photos and videos from the showing, coming soon!

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