The Remix Project smashes Newcastle!

The Movement has been absolutely slamming it in Newcastle! Our work The Remix Project was performed at the Loft as part of Crack Theatre Festival, itself part of This Is Not Art. What an amazing festival and what an absolutely incredible audience!

The Remix Project is a work about our modern remix culture, and the jubilant flaunting of copyright restrictions. After providing an introduction to the principles of remixing and how it’s being done, The Remix Project hands the reins over to the audience. The audience have the power to choreograph the dance they want to see, using the three live dancers in the space.

The two performances were fantastic – the audiences really got into it! One of the most common requests was for krumping, but the Single Ladies dance also got a few goes. There were some particularly entertaining requests that were far more obscure, for example ‘catfight underwater’ which proved much more challenging to do! But we had a great time performing it, and the audience had a great time testing our limits.

Emiline also appeared in an Art & Technology panel, speaking about her use of video and projection alongside live dance. This was a really interesting exchange of ideas, with a lot of different opinions emerging about the importance of technology in art and whether it should be accorded such a spot in the sunlight.

Thanks for a fantastic time TINA, see you next year!

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