Bringing the Light Fantastic to small children

Hello there! Yes, after a year of silence The Movement is back on the blog!

We’ve been having a great time performing at Light Garden, the 125th anniversary celebration of Centennial Park in Sydney. It’s been fantastic to reinvigorate We Are All Stars for its third incarnation, and like all site-specific improvised performances it’s so different every time!

The hallmark of this time round has been the kids. We have had our biceps squeezed, oversized tennis balls forcibly pressed into our hands, babies screaming and most prominent a widespread preoccupation with our sex and whether we were even human at all. Even the adults seem genuinely delighted and it’s been a real joy to perform each night.

It’s also been excellent to welcome a (mostly) new set of performers to the piece. Anya McKee has rejoined us from the previous performance at Beams Festival, and the two of us have been joined by newbies Angela Goh and Rosslyn Wythes, who have no doubt really enjoyed the opportunity to get covered in sweat while stumbling around a dark park at night wearing black pantyhose over their heads. Welcome to The Movement guys!

I’ll post some video of the performances soon, but in the meantime here are some snaps. Enjoy!


We Are All Stars #3 at Light Garden

We Are All Stars #3 at Light Garden

We Are All Stars #3 at Light Garden

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