dancersThe Movement is the ongoing project of Emiline Forster. It experiments with contemporary dance, video, performance and visual art to create a unique brand of hybridised pop-meets-high-art. A range of dancers, performers, musicians and artists
are engaged on a project-by-project basis to develop new works that interrogate and transform ideas about art, pop culture and society. 

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About Emiline Forster


Terry Hart is a Melbourne-based musician and composer. He fronts Melbourne band Aurimor (previously named Siva) and has toured solo from Northern Queensland to South Australia and everywhere in between. A multi-instrumentalist, he recorded the band's classically influenced theatrical rock album himself, a mash up of Baroque, Rock and Pop. Terry is no stranger to dance, having collaborated with Emiline to create and perform live soundtracks for her shows Exposure and We Are All Stars and more recently Dust.

Austin Har is a Sydney based musician ....

Collaborators on Good Evening Apocalypse, April 2013

Matt Cornell ...
Angela Goh ...
Joshua Thomson ...

Collaborators on Utopia, August 2011 and The Remix Project, October 2011

alisonAlison Plevey Alison graduated from WAAPA in 2009 with a BA Dance – Honours (LINK Dance Co).
Alison performs with improvisation ensemble 'AIVDT' and recently performed in Liz Lea’s ‘In Flight’ at the National Library of Australia. She was named Best Female Dancer in Canberra’s 'Short + Sweet' Dance,2010 and has choreographed two full length youth dance works, No Planet B (2010) and Talk2Me (2011) in Bathurst NSW





leekeLeeke Griffin Leeke completed a BA Dance Honours (Link Dance Company) at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2009. In 2010 she received a Warringah Council Cultural Grant to collaborate with a musician. This year Leeke was the recipient of a DirtyFeet Space Grant. She was mentored by Sue Healey to develop the first stage of her work 'The Bystander'.




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